The Rise, Fall, & Rise again of LeBron James is something we can all learn from

It seems like you are either a pro-LeBron or anti-LeBron. Everyone has their reasons. But if you look at what LeBron has done the past two years, would we actually do things differently? Now “The Decision” was a little tough to take, but all he did was relocated to a new job in a new city. How many of us would do that if we really thought it was a better opportunity to succeed? He earned the right to leave. And for those who said he should have told Cleveland he was leaving, I ask you this question. How many of YOU have left a job with no notice? Or a few days notice? Some of us give the full two weeks and some of us do not. You know who you are. Since social media was not prevalent in 1996, it should be noted to Shaq did the same thing to Orlando.

So now that LeBron has won a championship, now what? Will the anti-LeBron people find something else to hate him for. If anything, we all should teach the rise & fall & rise of LeBron to our children. When you do good things you earn the right to do things (find another job=free agency), when you hurt people, there are consequences (The Decision, anti-LeBron, the social media stoning), a humbling experience (last years NBA Finals, the public mocking), re-dedication to your craft (winning the NBA MVP) and setting your goals high and never giving up (winning the championship). No other athlete in recent memory had the scrutiny and the pressure to win, and LeBron did it. If that is not something to teach our children about how life works, I don’t know what is. I will teach my son Devin about what LeBron did, and how he overcame everything to succeed when he is the right age to understand.

To the anti-LeBron region, when you hold a grudge, you only hurt yourself, not the person that you are angry with.

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